Bradley Trevor Greive : « I am an explorer, I am a poet. »

9 Jan

[traduction en Français à venir]

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Who are you, in few words ?
I am Bradley Trevor Greive : I am an explorer, I am a poet, I am a cave bear.


What is your passion ?
Words, wildlife, and wild places.

Can you give me some key-words about this passion ?
Passion is equal parts joy and fury.

When & how did you discover this passion ?
I fell in love with nature and language when I was a small boy, and I have never grown up.

Where do you live / practice this passion ?
I live on the untamed island of Tasmania, but I live out my passion all over the world (I am writing this from the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica), and since I completed Cosmonaut Training in Russia in 2004, one day I will follow my passion to the stars.

What is the main advantage of this passion ?
There are great books in the city, and wondrous beasts in the jungle – My passion is everywhere all the time.

What is the main disadvantage / drawback ?
It is dangerous and sometimes painful. I have had 17 surgeries for serious injuries. I have enjoyed a wonderful life adventure, and I have the X-Ray pictures to prove it!

How much time do you devote to your passion ?
It is my life. Awake or asleep, my life is a passionate dream.

Can you tell me your best memory or any anecdote about this passion ?
During one of my wildlife conservation projects I once had my nose bitten by a curious baby Bongo antelope. It brought tears of joy and pain to my eyes and I thought, « What a wonderful time to be me » !

Do you share this passion ? (with someone / people ?)
Yes, of course ! As a writer and artist it is my responsibility to take the best of myself and share it with as many people as possible. So far I have sold more than 20,000,000 books, which tells me the world is hungry for that which I hunger for.

Do you practice your passion for a living ?
Yes, I am very lucky. I do not have a real job.

Can you please choose one of these words to define your passion ? (ardour, fondness, desire, keenness, infatuation, itch, attachment, love?)
The word I would choose is Obsession, but in this case I will choose Ardour – Because sometimes I feel as if my heart is actually on fire.

Have you got a last word or a last thing to say about it ?
My message to all the young aspiring authors who are reading this interview is to go and live a life worth writing about.

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Thanks / Merci, BTG !
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