Jan : « I love the unknown. »

15 Nov

[traduction en Français à venir]

– – –

Who are you, in few words ?
Jan, 22, Dutch by birth, stateless by behavior – I’m a student in Symbolic Systems.

What is your passion ?
My passion is to talk to people, learn from them and together come up with and try new ideas and points of view. I love the unknown.

Can you give me some key-words about this passion ?
Curiosity, rigor, clarity, inquisitive.

When & how did you discover this passion ?
When I started speaking!

Where do you live / practice this passion ?
Everywhere where there’s people.

What is the main advantage of this passion ?
I’m always learning and you always have something to talk about when your discussion of the weather runs out.

What is the main disadvantage / drawback ?
Sometimes people don’t like to question their beliefs.

How much time do you devote to your passion ?
A lot..

Can you tell me your best memory or any anecdote about this passion ?
A recent memory is going to a ‘speed-friending’ night for the university I just started at and learning cool things from everybody I talked to (in 2 minutes!). Most people thought the event was silly and couldn’t create connections in the short time given to them, but I left fully satisfied.

Do you share this passion ? (with someone / people ?)
I have some friends who I share it with explicitly, but the nature of it makes it shareable with everybody I talk t.

Do you practice your passion for a living ?
Not really, but if I end up as a researcher I might get pretty close.

Can you please choose one of these words to define your passion ? (ardour, fondness, desire, keenness, infatuation, itch, attachment, love?)

Have you got a last word or a last thing to say about it ?
I’m always looking for people to share my passion with!

Thanks / Merci, Jan !


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